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MTC DOTA 2 CHAMPIONSHIP. Russian Rage! 100 000 RUB!

Russian Siberia cybersport have a good start! In heart of Siberia, at the deepest Russians forests (“Tayga”), Russian Ivans starts theyre own cybersport championship. Brutally mens with balalaikas and vodka will do theyre best at MTC DOTA 2 CHAMPIONSHIP!

Especially thanks to MTC company and sciense center “Академпарк”. Did you get it? Russians play Dota 2 even in science centers! 😀
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RuneScape Spider

Twitch integration in RuneScape! Here Google comes! :3

July 29, Jagex Game Studio announced complete twitch integration in RuneScape. As Wargaming twitch integration example, Twitch integration helpes to stream your games with total comfort and with no headackes. Because new people comes, it helps to gamedevelopers too. RuneScape on Twitch has very good ratings in MMORPG category now. Continue reading